Wow time is flying!

Hey everyone!

I know I know I already broke my pact to update more as these last few days were going. The time is absolutely flying these last few weeks. Tomorrow I am going to update all the pictures from the presentations (I am happy to say our kids did great!). We have been having some crazyyy changes with today being Erika’s last day and a full schedule overhaul.

As for our leaving situation we go Monday to make the official deal (meeting at noon our time) and just get it all figured out. We have some possible job opportunities that need us home A.S.A.P. … like last week kind of asap. Either way they know the situation and are willing to work with us but any delays could mean having to turn it down. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

Sending a big congratulations out to Missy on landing a Teaching job! That’s awesome and we are so happy for you! (Guess it runs in the family).

This was just a short-bugger to say I didn’t forget about everyone! Tomorrow I am excited to write about the presentations and some of the other prep/fun stuff going on! Hoping to get a last few meetings in with friends in the coming week! (We seriously could only have 10 days left….WOW)




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