Weekend Adventures and Pictures

Hello all!

Yes I know I am a day late on the post I promised. Mostly because our friend from work (who doesn’t speak English – lol talk about broken “konglish” on our part) took us out Friday night and yesterday ended up being a recovery/cleaning day. It was a lot of fun but a long night after school.

Today I have pictures from presentation and what such for you. I hope you enjoy! Before I go into speeches I have a funny one for ya’ll (if you don’t have Facebook or Instagram you probably haven’t seen this yet)


Left to Right/Top to Bottom: Maria, Jack, Jinnie, Yuseong, Sally, Peter, Aron, Lauren, Elbert, Stephanie, Lucy, James, Yunnie

Yes my face got put on a wall… no I had no idea this was happening. How did I find it? Chris pointing from the bus with a big ol’ grin on our way home from the grocery store… yup.

The next pictures: presentation means that our debate classes had to partner up and come up with topic and then pick a side. After their research and speeches they then had to present in front of their families. Overall it is a pretty long process but at the same time fun and its really interesting to see what they find important to talk about how they chose to do so.


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! For all we know we could be gone in a week so I am going to go back to cleaning! AHH! Too much to do in a short period of time… did I mention I hate flying so the prospect of 15-18 hours in the air within the next two weeks is not fun for me…. gotta keep my eyes on the prize… HOME!


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