1 Week.

Hello all

WOW! It is Sunday already! One week from today at about this time we will be boarding our plane to head home. Of course we have a wonderful few hour layover to look forward to in Hawaii but then its home! When they say the last month goes fast they aren’t kidding. Last week was one of those weeks that felt like it wouldn’t ever end but this weekend flew by!

I had a “blonde” moment that even I find funny – I bought a Groupon to make a shutterfly photo book of all of our adventures and stories. I knew it would be a cool way to show all of our family and friends as well as look back on it. Well I have been panicking trying to get it finished thinking the coupon expires June 30th (tomorrow!) well let’s just say it was a happy mistake. I now am not trying to pull an all nighter because it does not expire until July 31st. I was very happy for this mistake because I found it BEFORE spending all night working on it. My goal is to finish it by mid week and order it for home so it should be there about the same time we are/slightly after.

This last week at work was basically pure choas very often. After Erika left and the new teacher started our whole schedule got changed and class names changed. Basically we had no idea who would be walking into our room and when! It was pretty much crazy and there were a few snack and pizza parties (which we had no idea until a class was sitting there and a pizza came in – thanks Korean teachers) so it will also a kind of messy week.

On Thursday we got to go over for pizza with Victor and Sarah and their son Joshua. They are happily expecting another little boy in the next few months. It was wonderful to just speak ENGLISH! Sarah is from Texas so we had a lot of fun talking about things we missed and her different experience with coming to Korea and staying. It was a relaxing and wonderful night. We are having a little ice cream night on Thursday of this week.

Saturday (yesterday) was a busy day because we went to see Erika and her new apartment (it has so many closets!) and say good-bye for now to her. Hoping we can just get her to come visit within the next few years. Then in the afternoon we headed up to Seoul one last time. Had dinner with Jake and Dave and then wandered around for a bit before happily catching the last bus home. We had to say good-bye to Dave for now but we see Jake on Tuesday so one more time.

Today (Sunday) we met Lisa and Rebecca for lunch and some wandering. Really happy to spend that time with them and eat another traditional style Korean meal. All of my family out there would be so proud at my willingness to try different things. The place was way on the outskirts of Anseong so I was also really happy that Rebecca drove. After lunch we took a walk/hike up to this little temple and got some pictures. We then wandered around a bit until heading back so Lisa could get her chicken shop opened for the day.

Of course because its like 7 days to go I got sick again. No idea what it is but I have basically no voice and just squeak. ALTHOUGH I did find my voice when a giant jumping spider thingy hit my foot and I let out a scream!!!! It was scary. I don’t do bugs well.

Now it comes down to planning when we will turn off our Korean phones and put our Verizon chips back in. Have to close out our bank accounts (hopefully by Wednesday) and oh yeah PACK! We were just discussing how we want to do it and I think it will depend on if we stay in the apartment until Sunday or if we have to leave before then. The rumor as of now is that the new teachers are delayed a week so since they won’t be moving in next weekend we might stay here and head to the airport Sunday (our flight isn’t until around 9 p.m.). I can honestly say I am excited to go home but not excited to fly. If you have been following along you realize my fear of flying. Just have to keep my eye on the prize!

I will update again hopefully mid week 🙂





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