Soooo we thought packing in America sucked. With less than half the space and just as much stuff this was NOT fun. Lots of stress and now trying to figure out where to put 4 giant bags.

The plan is that one of the new teachers will be here around 7 p.m. tonight (it’s about 2 now) and the other will come on Monday. If shes exhausted we let her sleep if not we take her to get some food. Tomorrow (Sunday) we show her around and what not (help her find the school, get on the bus, find basic needs, etc.) until Andy comes to pick us and our luggage up around 2:30 and take us to the airport bus. We grab a bus with our luggage and head to the airport. Our flight is around 9 p.m. our time and we fly into Honolulu for a short layover (around 4 hours) then take off and head from JFK from there. My brother and mom are picking us up and then OUTSIDE! Yes. Sitting outside. Drinking water or lemonade or anything BUT soju! Get in the sun, absorb that Vitamin D and jump in the pool!

Saying good-bye to all of our friend and co-workers and munchkins this week was incredibly hard. I will post some photos in the near future when I finish going through everything. Our co-workers threw us a little party right at the end of Friday and it was so sweet. We just made sure to thank them for their support. Big hugs for everyone and just tried not to cry. One of the hardest good-byes was Jake. I really almost broke down that time. We made him promise that in 1 year or 5 or 10 it didn’t matter how long but that we would see each other again. (Maybe we will come back and adopt a little Korean baby because they are officially the cutest children I have ever seen in my life!)

Still more pictures to come 🙂

xox J


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