Our story is pretty simple.

Chris is working on his Masters Degree in Education (yes – from Korea) and already has his Bachelors in History from Albright College. He grew up in the open corn field land of Pennsylvania with his Mom, Dad and sister (who is also becoming a teacher). Chris played football in High-school and in College and the South Koreans LOVE his big size and muscles.

Jenni (me!) has her Secondary Education degree in Social Studies and her Bachelors in History for Albright College. She grew up on the Jersey Shore (NO I don’t fist pump!) with her HUGE family. She worked for Girl Scouts of Eastern PA as the Membership Manager’s assistant and was a leader of 5 troops (off and on) for 6 years. South Koreans love her curvy figure and light blonde wavy hair! As Chris describes it ‘You’re a unicorn’.

We met at Albright College, where we both graduated from in 2011 and 2012, and found our passion for teaching. Jenni loved Chris’s neat handwriting and used to turn around and push his notebook while he was writing – she still does that with all his classroom paperwork now :). After not finding jobs in the states we decided to take advantage of the lull and travel. The bad state-side situation turned into a great adventure for us to take.

We will try to update at least once a week!


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